About Us

Objectives of Koç University Science Society

The goals of Science Society are; increasing and disseminating students’ interests in the highly developing and improving technology, organizing seminars and conferences about the controversial topics in different branches of science, promoting communication between the society, the faculty members and the related industrial areas and organizing scientific projects in order to have students get used to laboratory equipment. To sum up, we aim to create a student based scientific culture in Koç University.

Structure of Koç University Science Society

Koç University Science Society has a main body and sub-groups. Every sub-group has a president. Above the sub-groups Science Society has an executive board of its own. Every president of sub-groups counts as an executive member of the Science Society. As a principle Science Society tries and encourages it’s members to join and participate in every single sub-group’s activities. So sub-groups organize activities related to their field and has the society members to participate in them. Also main body organizes events by itself. This way Science Society manages to organize activities on different fields. Other than that we try to keep the structure of the society flexible so that it answers to our current needs. You can see the current structure and executive members in the list below.

History of Koç University Science Society

Science Society was founded by a group of Science and Engineering students in May, 2002. Science Society was established with its two oldest and most active sub-groups, OSA and SPIE. After its foundation Science Society has worked very well and organized many activities from 2002 to 2007. Even though Science Society was never completely inactive, unfortunately after that Science Society stopped recording its activities. In 2014, a new group of students took over the Society’s management and now they are doing their best to rekindle the flame of Science Society. From 2015 on, club has a good and stable organizational structre and hopes to increase its members.

Executive Boards and Members:

2015-2016 Science Society Members

2014-2015 Science Society Members

2006-2007 Science Society Members

2005-2006 Science Society Members

2005-2006 KUle-GO! Member List

2005-2006 Mathematics Group Members

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2003-2004 NewTone Journal Members

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