11029974_867532169936135_2757023558374026427_nProject Storm

Science Society Activity

4th March 2015, 11th March 2015, 20th April 2015

We have gathered on three occasions to find project ideas to apply.




10818732_10205436580182198_1426911092_nGet Your Hands Dirty #4: Battery

Science Society Activity

4th December 2014

We made a battery that lit a led.





Get Your Hands Dirty #3: Radio

Science Society Activity

28th November 2014

We built a radio that works without a battery based on an LC circuit.











Get Your Hands Dirty #2: Electric Motor

Science Society Activity

4th November 2014

We built electric motors with small batteries and magnets.




10818692_10205332398417719_40618194_nGet Your Hands Dirty #1: Solar Battery

Science Society Activity

30th October 2015

We built solar batteries which uses semiconductivity of heated copper plates.





teleskoplarTelescope Construction

Astronomy Group Activity

December 2004






Resim14Internet Controlled Robot

 KUle-GO! Group Activity









Resim4Model Solar Powered Car

Science Society Activity

1st July 2002- 10th August 2002