11349846_10206852612702126_877615406_n 100th Year of General Relativity: Einstein and Eddington Movie Presentation

Prof. Tekin Dereli

Physics Group Activity

28th April

We have gathered together with Prof. Tekin Dereli to celebrate the 100th year of the Theory of General Relativity.



Happy Light Year!

Prof. Ali Serpengüzel

OSA and SPIE Groups Activity

21st April 2015

We have organized a seminar with our club’s advisor Prof. Ali Serpengüzel to celebrate International Year of Light



10846941_10205514392207450_1036994693_nPhysics of Interstellar: Is it Science? Is it Fiction?

Prof. Tekin Dereli

Science Society Activity

16th December 2014

Prof. Tekin Dereli of Koç University Physics department has given us a seminar about the potentials of physics using the movie Interstellar.


10811466_10203975294757506_1787343894_nMulti-Dimensionality in Popular Science Communications Seminar

Raşit Gürdilek

Science Society and KURIOUS Activity

18th November 2014



PA190001Sci-Tech Seminar: “Role of Optical Observation in Neuroscience”

Asst. Prof. Ata Akın

Science Society Activity

14th December 2006





Sci-Tech Seminar: “Optics and Photonics: from micro to nano”

Prof. Ali Serpengüzel

Science Society Activity

5th December 2006




Sci-Tech Seminar: “Alchemy today: Ways to transform electrons and photons into gold”

Dr. Adnan Kurt

Science Society Activity

28th November 2006









AKABAKCIOGLUSci-Tech Seminar: “Life in a nut: cell – A hike on the border between life and not-life”

Asst. Prof. Alkan Kabakçıoğlu

Science Society Activity

21st November 2006









PA070026Sci-Tech Seminar: “Fibre Optics in Practise”

Randy Park

OSA Group Activity

15th November 2006





PA070030Sci-Tech Seminar: “Thinking for Results!”

Randy Park

OSA Group Activity

14th November 2006





P9280010Sci-Tech Seminar: “Lifed passed through mys eyes like a movie cut: Remembering lived incidents and autobiographic memory”

Assoc. Prof. Sami Gülgöz

Science Society Activity

7th November 2006




eceyhanSci-Tech Seminar: “Applying mathematics in quantifying (measuring) the morphometry (shape and size) of brain tissues”

Asst. Prof. Elvan Ceyhan

Science Society Activty

31st October 2006








P9070002Sci-Tech Seminar: “Analytical Number Theory”

Asst. Prof. Emre Alkan

Science Society Activity

17th October 2006





P8310037Sci-Tech Seminar: “The Science Behind Low Budget Hollywood Movies”

Asst. Prof. Denüz Yüret

Science Society Seminar

10th October 2006





cbasdoganSci-Tech Seminar: “Virtual Reality Supported Simulators for Training in Minimally Invasive Surgerys”

Dr.  Çağatay Başdoğan

Science Society Activity

3rd October 2006












Prof. Bülent Atalay

Science Society Activity

8th May 2006






P1200027Place of Turkish Science in the World

Prof. Oktay Sinanoğlu

Science Society Activity

7th March 2006





Fischer-01Robert E. Fischer

OSA Group Activity

11th October 2004