Sci-Tech Seminar: “Applying mathematics in quantifying (measuring) the morphometry (shape and size) of brain tissues”

Asst. Prof. Elvan Ceyhan

Science Society Activty

31st October 2006


Abstract:”In this talk, I will briefly introduce a fast growing interdisciplinary area, namely computational anatomy.
Computational anatomy is a branch which lies in the intersection of mathematics, computer science, and medicine.
In this field, the ultimate goal is consistently quantifying (measuring or associating numbers with) the morphometry of tissues in human or animal body. Morphometry has two components: shape and size.
The size of a tissue is relatively easier to quantify by measuring volume, surface area, or thickness of a tissue.
For a long time, the size of tissues (in vitro=alive or post mortem=after death) have been measured to investigate the influence of certain diseases on the tissue in question. For example, it has been shown that depression causes shrinkage (loss in volume) of ventral medial prefrontal cortex, or Alzheimer’s disease reduces the size of hippocampus.
But, quantifying shape has been a challenge for scientists for about a century.
I will present LCDM (Labeled Cortical Distance Mapping) and LDDMM (Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Metric Mapping) as two of many tools to quantify morphometry.
These methods can be used to measure left-right asymmetry, changes in the tissue due to a disease, shape variation, longitudinal studies, and lateralization (specifying the location of the differences in morphometry).”
There is are no pictures of this seminar.

eceyhanAsst. Prof. Elvan Ceyhan