Welcome to the Koç University Science Society’s Website


We wish you a warm welcome to our website. Feel free to wander around the website and see the activities we’ve done. If you wish to follow us through the social media, you can find the links in the right sidebar. This website is the final product of 2014-2015 season. We are very proud to finish and present it you.
It is very useful especially as an archive. By going through the old website of the Science Society we have gathered all the possible information and data so that we can put everything to the site. We believe organizational cultures are very important and our culture lies within the pages of this website.
After our ‘second birth’ in 2014, we have created a one year goal for us. Create an active, and a structured club in Koç University. With all the work we put through the year, with this website, with our new logo and updated social media accounts, we’re ready to go.
As you can read from About Us page, our main goal is to create a student based scientific culture in Koç University and make the Science Society the flag of this culture. Now that we have experience, an efficient structure, many active members and a good public opinion we’re ready to fulfill our real aim. However we always want people together with us.
So join us! As Stephen Hawking says:
“Science is not a discipline of reason but, also, one of romance and passion”


Cem Güney Torun
2014-2015 President
2015-2016 Project Manager


News and Announcements

  • Website is on now.
  • New logo of Science Society is in use now.


Last update date: August 2, 2015